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First aid courses in English


Lisa Bauer

Telefon: (08 41) 93 33-15
Telefax: (08 41) 93 33-29

E-Mail: ausbildung@kvingolstadt.brk.de


You can apply measures in an emergency according to the recognized and applicable standards in a symptom-oriented manner. In our course, you will develop the skills to act on the basis of your own knowledge and experience, which you will bring into the learning process and practice in a practical and realistic way, e.g. with the practical use of the first-aid kit. This enables you to effectively carry out first aid measures in an emergency situation, taking into account psychological care and self-protection.

First aid is teamwork: The focus is on developing and implementing simple, practical solutions together, which will become firmly anchored in your knowledge.
The course is entertaining and interesting due to the focus on practical exercises from a wide variety of case studies.

From the content (according to the specifications of the DGUV):

• Safety: self-protection, securing accident sites, emergency call 112, rescue from danger
• Mental care (care and observation)
• Contents of a motor vehicle and company first-aid kit
• First aid measures for various injuries
• Symptom-oriented first aid measures for acute illnesses and temperature-related disorders
• First aid measures for unconsciousness
• First aid measures in case of circulatory arrest
• Helmet removal for unconscious affected persons and stable lateral position
• First aid measures in case of circulatory arrest with AED


Lisa Mahr

Telefon: (08 41) 93 33-15
Telefax: (08 41) 93 33-29

E-Mail: ausbildung@kvingolstadt.brk.de

The course lasts 9 lessons of 45 minutes each and takes place from 8:00 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m.

Please bring your identity card or passport to the courses.

The course fee is 60 euros for private individuals (payment in cash on site) or professional association billing for company first responders.


You can get more information by calling (08 41) 93 33-15 or via the following link: Appointments and registration and Appointments by arrangement.

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